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Side, which is connected to Manavgat district of Antalya, is one of the most preferred holiday resorts during summer holidays.

Side, which is popular with its deep blue sea, peaceful nature and history, is one of the preferred resorts of summer.

It was founded on the Side peninsula, which was the most important port city of Pamphylia Region in the Ancient Period. It is estimated that the town dates back to the 7th century BC.

Side, the charming holiday resort of Manavgat, which has both natural and cultural riches, welcomes millions of tourists in four seasons of the year.

Side of the year, where tourists are also very interested, you can relax. In addition, you can take part in your holiday with different activities such as rafting, underwater diving, jeep safari and trekking.

Side, which has 9 beautiful beaches, can take a boat trip in Side, which is also a favorite of sea lovers, and enjoy swimming in glassy bays. If you are interested in historical places, you can visit ancient cities and explore canyons and caves.

Things to do in Side

Side Ancient City

If you are interested in history, add Side Antique City to the top of your list of things to do in Side. It is estimated to have been founded in the 7th century BC. Side, which was the most important port city of Pamphylia region in ancient period, hosted many civilizations from Lydians to Persians, from Greeks to Rome and Byzantium. If you want to take a pleasant journey for a few hours towards the history of Side, Side Antique City is located in the coastal part of the town. Historical gate, agora, agora bath, ancient theater and Temple of Apollo are among the important historical monuments you can see in the ancient city. Side Antique Theater, which welcomes 15,000 spectators, is an impressive example of Roman architecture. The stage walls of the theater, which has largely preserved, are also worth seeing. Side Antique Theater costs 20 TL. If you have a museum card, you can visit it free of charge. You can review.

Side offers accommodation in Side. The most recommended are Q Spa Resort Premium Residence, Side Resort Hotel, Blue Waters Club. If you prefer to stay close to the city center, Elit Köseoğlu Hotel, Hotel Villa Important, Risus Hotel. Club Calimera Serra Palace, The Xanthe Resort, The Sense Deluxe.

The Apollon Temple

One of the historical values you should definitely see when your way to Side is the Temple of Apollo. The Temple of Apollo, built during the period known as the Roman Peace (Pax Romana), was named after Apollo, the god of light, beauty and art. The temple, which has a remarkable architecture, was restored in the 1990s. The temple is rectangular and has corinthian columns. In the 3rd century AD, when the city was converted to Christianity, a part of the temple was dismantled to make a basilica. Today, some of the large columns have been restored and replaced. The Temple of Apollon is worth seeing with its fascinating view at sunset and evening illumination while attracting tourists. You can enjoy the view more by sitting in the cafes lined up along the coastline.

Side Museum

If you are interested in historical monuments, add the Side Museum to your list. The Side Museum, which was opened with the restoration of the ancient agora baths from the Roman Period in Side Antique City, has been welcoming its visitors since 1960.

The museum features Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine reliefs and Roman sculptures, altars and pedestals. It has small but impressive works. Entrance fee to Side Museum is 10 TL.

Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat waterfall is close to Side. It is one of the rare waterfalls, especially with its width. Side of the Manavgat waterfall is located in the largest 180 meters! So it is definitely a big mistake to leave Side without seeing this magnificent waterfall.

Koprulu Canyon

One of the first places that come to mind when visiting Manavgat, which is close to Side, is Köprülü Canyon. Nature lovers will love it! There are many road routes to the canyon. But you can get there by car up to a certain point. Be prepared to walk abundantly and enjoy the scenery you will see while walking!

Where is Side?

Side is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey. Side, the port city in ancient times, is 75 kilometers from Antalya, 750 kilometers from Istanbul, 496 kilometers from Ankara.

Side is popular with tourists during the summer period, as well as natural and cultural values, shopping, accommodation and entertainment options also stands out.

When to go to Side?

Side has a Mediterranean climate and summers are hot and dry, while winters are mild and rainy. The average annual temperature of Side is 17.8 ° C, where most of the year is sunny.

July is the hottest month of Side, with the highest rainfall in December. In July the temperature rises to 27 degrees. This value decreases to 11 degrees in January. The sea season opened at the end of April continues until the end of October.

Sea water temperature rises to 25 degrees in spring and 30 degrees in summer. You can come to Side in summer for sea, sand and sun holidays or if you do not want to be disturbed by the sweltering heat, you may prefer May and October.

Side is also very pleasant in winter. You can sit in the tea gardens, read books, rent bicycles and visit the ancient city of Side, one of the most famous ancient cities of our country. While it is snowing in many cities in winter, you can enjoy the sun in Side.

Many different activities are organized throughout the year in the Manavgat district to which Side is affiliated. If you want to get out of your holiday routine, you can attend the International Manavgat Motorcycle Festival held at the end of June, and you can watch the concerts of famous artists from the Manavgat Peace Water Festival which took place in the first week of July.

Every year in September, Side Antique Theater Side World Music Culture and Art Festival, you can get enough of both classical music and entertaining dance performances.

How to get to Side?

By plane, car or bus! You can get to Side by any means of transport. Here’s some information about all the available options to help you decide which type of transport suits you best.

You can reach Side in 75 kilometers from Antalya with your private car in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

If you are coming to Side from abroad, you should prefer Antalya Airport. You can easily reach the side with the transfer vehicles and shuttles you can find at Antalya Airport.

Where to stay in Side

Side is one of the favorite holiday destinations of Antalya with its lush nature and sparkling sea, with its numerous activities, not only in summer but also in spring.

You can spend your holiday in Side in a luxury hotel, you can stay in apart-hotels or pensions with your family. Side offers thousands of tourists every year.

If you want to be close to shopping, restaurants and nightlife, you can use the hotels in the center. The Beach House Hotel enjoys a seafront location, a private beach and a sun terrace, while the property is a few minutes’ walk from the Temple of Apollo. With an all-inclusive concept, Side Altinkum Hotel may be another option for your stay in the resort.

Shops and restaurants are 300 meters away, and the hotel is located on the seafront. Neptun Hotel, which is one of the most pleasant hotels in summer with its calm atmosphere, is among the affordable accommodation options. Those who do not want to exceed the budget may prefer Gunisigi Apart Hotel.

Colakli is one of the best hotels in the region. The all-inclusive concept of the hotel offers entertainment throughout the day, accompanied by animation and shows. Located 6 kilometers from Side, Alba Royal Hotel offers an unforgettable holiday experience with sea-view rooms, à la carte restaurants and massage services. During your stay you can take part in aerobics classes and enjoy your holiday with beach volleyball.

How to get around Side

Public transportation is provided by minibuses in Side. You can easily reach Manavgat Waterfall, Köprülü Canyon National Park and Side Antique City with the minibuses departing from the center in Side, which provides pleasant moments to visitors with its natural beauties as well as its historical beauties.

The distance between Manavgat and Side is 7 km and the minibus fee is 3.5 TL per person. The journey between Manavgat and Side takes about 15 minutes with the minibus services that are organized frequently in summer months. You can go to Titreyengöl with the regular minibuses from Side Bus Station and spend a few hours with its peaceful atmosphere.

The center of Side is quite enjoyable to explore on foot. After visiting the center, you can walk along the sea accompanied by the sound of the waves and witness the wonderful view of the sunset.

When you come to Side in the summer, we strongly recommend you to spend a day on a boat tour. You can swim in the unique bays of the Mediterranean Sea and if you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to see the dolphins dancing. Boats depart from Side Marina every day of the week. You can join ATV tours for a three-hour safari experience among the pine forests and spend an adrenaline-filled day.

Side Cuisine

After discovering the historical points and unique sea of ​​Side, you have the opportunity to meet the beautiful restaurants lined up on the beach. If you want to use your preference for a restaurant that has a touch of Mediterranean cuisine, especially the olive oil, herbs roasting, seafood and vegetable dishes will decorate your tables.

Side for those who will say what to eat sheet roasting, vegetable kebabs, cart soup, laba and we can count. Elia Restaurant & Lounge is ideal for those who want to spend a pleasant and romantic evening with a seafood menu. We recommend you to try organic chicken as well as halloumi and shrimp salad on the vine leaves of the place. Aphrodite Restaurant, located on Liman Street, is one of the places where you can have delicious food in summer and winter. Go to the mouth-watering place with fish soup and soy sauce with casserole and make sure to make a reservation in summer.

Nightlife in Side

After enjoying the sea and sun during the day, you can immerse yourself in the rhythm of fast night life in the evening. Side is one of the most colorful towns in Antalya. In the entertainment centers of Side, which is preferred by local tourists as well as foreign tourists, music continues until the first light of the morning.

Almost all of the four and five star hotels in Side have their own disco and bar. If you prefer your accommodation to luxury hotels, you can have more fun at night.

Located on Turgut Reis Street, Karma Club is one of the most famous night clubs in Side. Local and foreign DJ performances and entertainment continues uninterruptedly and the dancers’ show adds to the night. You can also dine in the restaurant before heading to the nightclub, then start the fun.

Liman Lounge Club Side is one of the nightclubs you can prefer. You can dance and accompany the songs with DJ performances and light shows. Side House Cafe & Bar is another place that can add color to your evenings. Cocktails of the place where you can have a pleasant time with live music are quite delicious.

Festivals in Side

After enjoying the sea in Side, you can visit different festivals that will add excitement and entertainment to your trip. Both Side and Manavgat in summer and autumn are very pleasant festivals are waiting for you. You can read detailed information about festivals and festivals in our article.

World Music Culture and Art Festival

The World Music Culture and Art Festival, which has been organized by Manavgat Municipality for 16 years without interruption, satisfies the music of the town. The festival is held every year between 10-17 September. Antalya State Symphony Orchestra, as well as dance shows and shows fascinates.

International Manavgat Motorcycle Festival

Turkey has come together motorcycle enthusiasts from different points of Manavgat Motorcycle Festival is held between the dates of June 29 to July 2. A full program of four days with various shows and events is waiting for the participants.

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