Izmir Travel Guide 2022

Last Updated:Oct 6, 2022 @ 10:16 pm

Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city, located in Turkey’s Aegean region. İzmir is a modern city that lives due to its world-famous fairground and harbor and welcomes different cultures. You can find all the details for your trip to Izmir with our guide. It will tell you everything you need to know from where to stay, which sights to see, and of course, what food to eat.

Izmir – discover the cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Izmir is the second largest and most populous city of the Aegean Sea after Athens. a city which attracts attention with calm eyes life and Izmir, one of Turkey’s most popular holiday destination.The best way to reach Izmir is by airline. You can reach Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport by direct flight from Vienna, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Kuwait, Düsseldorf and Tel Aviv. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is an international airport serving Izmir and most of the surrounding province in Turkey.

Turkish Airlines operates at least a dozen flights between Istanbul and Izmir’s. The cheaper alternatives, Atlasjet, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air and Sun Express have flights as well.

Urban transportation in Izmir is under the responsibility of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In the city where the public transportation systems are highly developed, you can provide transportation to your destination by any means you wish.

When you leave the airport, you can rent a car and reach the city center in about 20-25 minutes. If you want to use the railway lines, you can get to the center from the airport with Izban.

In the city, an electronic card system is used to use public transport. These cards, called Izmirimkart, can be obtained from the bureaus where there are stops when you come to the city. After adding money to your card, you can easily use public transportation in the city.

It is possible to find suitable accommodation for every budget in Izmir city center. However, you can choose your accommodation from Konak, Alsancak and Karsiyaka to visit the center, to visit the shopping centers and historical areas. In addition to 5-star hotels in these areas, you will find accommodation for yourself and your comfort, such as boutique hotels, medium budget accommodation. You can also book early from very luxurious places with far lower prices than normal.

North of Konak, Alsancak, the cultural and geographical heart of the city, is full of modern architecture and wide boulevards. Filled with luxurious restaurants, cafés and boutiques, this area is more modern than an authentic Turkish area.

Alsancak is home to the most lively nightclubs in the city and has many alternatives for art lovers. Here you will find accommodation with higher prices than the rest of the city. Located in Alsancak, the top-class apartments have a magnificent view by the sea. This area is also home to state-of-the-art hotels near the Republic Square. Most high-tech rooms with sea views are especially for business purposes; however, travelers traveling to a high standard will also appreciate this area.

Featuring a bazaar with an atmospheric maze of narrow roads and endless shops right after the beach, Kemeralti is a great place for low-budget travelers who want to spend less money traveling than the rest of the city. You will be hypnotized by the shops in this place, where there are lots of clothes, shoes, jewelery and handicrafts that can be bought in every street. Staying close to the bazaar would make sense in terms of budget.

In addition, due to its location, Izmir is very convenient for organizing your trip better. The cheapest hotels and guesthouses in the area can be found on Anafartalar Street. With modern facilities and a central location, this area hotel is suitable for both business and leisure travelers.

For calm travelers, the area around Basmane Station at the eastern end of Fevzipasa Boulevard is suitable for a stay. It is also perfectly located next to the train station to the airport. Kemaralti Bazaar is a 15-minute walk from Izmir Fair and the Aegean Sea. Basmane Station is an unbeatable option for budget and practical accommodation. The area, which houses at least twenty-four small hotels, is located near major transport points. Here you will also find three-star hotels equipped with modern amenities.

Karsiyaka and its surroundings are among the places you can prefer during your Izmir trip. Karsiyaka is one of the most popular districts of Izmir, as well as many places to visit, cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers. It is possible to find accommodation suitable for all budgets around Karsiyaka Bazaar.

Izmir, known as the Pearl of the Aegean, has an energy that fascinates many people. Thus, the head of the most popular cities in Turkey attracts visitors and offers a lot of activities to do.

Izmir has many beautiful beaches such as Cesme, Karaburun, Foça and Alaçatı Seferihisar. In addition to its magnificent nature, it offers a history-filled excursion to the city visitors with its 8500-year history. There are many ancient cities and historical buildings within the city limits. Some of the historical sites are found in the city and its museums. It is possible to spend a pleasant holiday in every sense in İzmir which has been an important port city for centuries.

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