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Climate and Weather in Turkey

In Turkey, three climate types in different regions are dominant. Mediterranean climate on the west and south coasts, Black Sea climate on the Black Sea coasts, inland and mountainous regions of the eastern climate. The Black Sea climate, which has similar characteristics to the ocean climate, is dominant on the Black Sea coast. In this climate, summers are mild and rainy, winters are cold and snowy.

Inland regions of the Black Sea Region, Central Anatolia Region, Eastern Anatolia Region and Central Western Anatolia region, which expresses the inner parts of the Aegean Region, have a continental climate. In this climate, summers are hot and dry winters are cold and snowy.

Rainfall and temperature rates vary according to altitude. In the Mediterranean climate, which dominates the Mediterranean, Aegean coasts and certain parts of Southeastern Anatolia, summers are very hot and dry and winters are mild and rainy. The climate in the northern and eastern parts of Southeastern Anatolia is land climate.

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