Best Cocktail Bars in Istanbul : The Gold List 2022

Last Updated:Oct 6, 2022 @ 10:09 pm

We have compiled 10 popular venues that understand cocktail chemistry the most in Istanbul’s contemporary mixology scene.

Best Cocktail Bars in Istanbul

1. Moretenders’ Cocktail Crib

Previously serving as 5 Cocktails & More, Moretenders’ Cocktail Crib continues its journey without compromising its quality and exquisite cocktail menu. Worth a try if you want to have a cool break during your trip to Istanbul. Pink alexander and passion fruit lovers ‘Booty Call’ is strongly recommended.

2. Finn Karakoy

Award-winning Finn is the most ambitious of Karakoy. Forbidden Pear is our favorite drink menu with cocktail options with hashtag according to the mood of the guests!

3. Geyik Coffee Roastery & Cocktail Bar

Do you think both coffee and cocktail will be together? Sure it does! Geyik Coffee Roastery & Cocktail Bar is one of the most popular cocktail venues in Istanbul. In the place where experimental and spontaneous cocktails are available, Old Fashioned is our strong recommendation for whiskey beginners.

4. Porter Bar

Since its opening, Porter Bar is one of the rare places that does not spoil its tastes and develops itself day by day. The bar, which serves with its wide menu and reasonable prices, is a good alternative where you can have a nice time with your friends. Porter Bar also has events and live music on certain days of the week.

5. Alancha

If you say, in Let me cross paths with mixtures you have never tasted anywhere before “, the answer is in Alancha. The cocktail menu, inspired by the culture and heritage of Anatolia, is full of sincerity and Anatolian hospitality. Those who are resistant to palate taste must try the ‘Turnip’ cocktail consisting of bitter rum, passionfruit and ginger with turnip infusion.

6. Alexandra Cocktailbar

Alexandra Cocktailbar, which draws attention with its intimate atmosphere, is also ambitious with its cocktails and is looking at a single sip of cocktails to understand that this claim is right until the end. Absolut, ginger, bergamot, elderberry and linden ‘404 Not Found’ signature cocktail is among the most preferred.

7. Soho House

Those who prefer to take it easy when it comes to cocktails, Soho House’s short and concise cocktail menu will be quite satisfied. Soho House, a secluded spot in Istanbul, offers a signature cocktail for every taste in its cocktail menu.

8. Lucca

It’s a name that’s been around for a long time. Lucca, which determines Istanbul’s mycology trends, collects all awards one by one with signature cocktails and pulses through the ever-changing drink menu, is a ‘cocktail’ institution that is taken seriously.

If you want to take a break and enjoy Istanbul’s best cocktails during your Istanbul holiday, you can choose the bars on our list. You can find the route and phone information about our list on the map.


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