Discover Luxury: Best Cave Hotels in Cappadocia

Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 @ 7:20 pm

Turkey’s most popular destination Cappadocia, fairy chimneys, hot air balloon rides from one another and with the natural formation of history offers a wonderful holiday opportunity in places where only seconds separating.

Cappadocia offers an important holiday experience for both nature lovers and adventurers.

There are beautiful hotels in Cappadocia, famous for its natural beauty. The hotels in Cappadocia are not only accommodation facilities, but allow you to fall asleep peacefully among all the beauties that nature offers us. If you have not yet decided where to stay for your Cappadocia holiday, you can take a look at the cave hotels we have chosen for you:

Fresco Cave Suites

Fresco Cave Suites in Cappadocia is one of the most popular cave hotels in Cappadocia. After dinner, you can watch the sunset from the terrace while sipping your coffee. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a unique accommodation in the cave rooms.

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Cappadocia Estates Hotel

Cappadocia Estates Hotel, which is about 5 minutes walk to the center of Urgup, is the choice of those who want a peaceful holiday.

With its friendly staff and high quality service, this hotel provides a wonderful stay in the historical beauties. You can watch the sunrise from the terrace of Cappadocia Estates Hotel, where the old motifs are reflected in the décor, and you can enjoy your dinner by watching the carved stones dominating the decor of the elegant restaurant.

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Museum Hotel Cappadocia

Located in Uchisar, this hotel is a luxury hotel. With one of the best views of Cappadocia, Museum Hotel features a magnificent outdoor pool, restaurant and an excellent terrace area. It is also filled with real artifacts like museums. Nevertheless, this luxury level comes first class, but if you plan to travel for a lifetime – this is the place for you!

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Magic Cave House

Magic Cave House reveals the history of stone houses in every corner. The white stone walls are furnished with wooden doors and this hotel leaves sweet memories in the guests’ memories especially with its beautiful breakfasts and Turkish coffees. While the yellow lights on the doors and walls provide a unique view in harmony with the stone-patterned walls at night, you can feel the full atmosphere of Cappadocia here.

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Goreme Inn Hotel

Goreme Inn Hotel is located in the center of Goreme, with high ceilings, elegantly decorated, very spacious rooms you encounter. The hotel has a total of 15 rooms, and you can enjoy your breakfast buffet on the large terrace which has plenty of sun. You will not be able to take your eyes off this beautiful garden while sipping your afternoon coffee in the area on the ground floor with a vast green garden.

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Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

Another top-rated cave hotel in Cappadocia, the suites at Kelebek Special Cave Hotel are stunning, using the traditional stone walls and arches to create romantic and luxurious rooms. Along with a lovely outdoor pool, there’s also a terrace looking over Goreme – another great spot for watching the hot air balloons go past in the morning!

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Aren Cave Hotel

Aren Cave Hotel is a 2-minute walk from the Roman Castle and offers cave rooms with old motifs and the most enjoyable stay in Cappadocia. Aren Cave Hotel is located in the very center of Goreme bazaar and within walking distance of every place.

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The Loop Hotel

Located in Avanos, a heaven of ceramics, The Loop Hotel attracts attention with its lush courtyard. The Lopp Hotel, a boutique hotel, is one of those choices for those who want peace after a strenuous Cappadocia trip. Stone rooms are decorated in wood and you can lie in the courtyard and enjoy the sun.

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Mira Cappadocia Hotel

After the restoration of the old Greek mansion, the Riverside Mansion Hotel, opened to provide accommodation services for its guests, offers local tastes in its menu and opens its doors to both quality and unique tastes.

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La Casa Cave Hotel

Located right in the heart of Uchisar, La Casa Cave Hotel is known for its cave rooms. You can feel the whole Uchisar under your feet and watch the balloons glide into the sky while you are having dinner. With the additions to the cave rooms, you can feel the quality of service in every corner of the hotel, aside from the breathtaking views offered by La Casa Cave Hotel where authentic air is felt at every step.

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