Best 3rd wave coffee places in Istanbul

Last Updated:Jun 14, 2019 @ 10:16 pm

A true 3rd wave coffee places know from which country and even from which farm the coffee beans come from. It should be able to give information about the characteristics, presence, moisture, the aroma of the incoming harvest.

Best 3rd wave coffee places in Istanbul

Petra Coffee Roasting – Gayrettepe Besiktas

Petra’s Coffee Roasting coffee enthusiast team does not offer any coffee to its customers, which is unsure of its farm, season, aroma and taste.

The tasting teams try the coffees in every import and roast them on micro scales. They serve you with many 3rd generation brewing equipments, especially Chemex.

This large and spacious café, which also resembles an art gallery, offers both 3rd Generation coffee and select coffee beans for brewing at home.

Drip Coffeeist – Bagdat Street Kadıkoy

Drip Coffeeist, café and roasting house on Istanbul’s Bagdat Street is one of the first generations of coffee makers on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Drip CoffeeIst is one of the places where you can try freshly roasted coffees of different regions such as Honduras, Mexico and Peru with Syphon and many 3rd wave coffee equipment.

Rawsters Coffee & Supply Co., Maslak


Rawsters is one of the places quickly adopted by coffee lovers with fresh roasted coffee and special beans. The place, which has started to rise rapidly and has not been known by anyone yet, has been offering Nitro Brewing to its guests since the day it was opened. Besides coffee, there are also delicious desserts to eat.

Spada Coffee, Nisantasi

Spada, which has become Topagaci’s neighborhood coffee shop, is one of those places where you can literally feel as comfortable as at home. The carefully selected coffees are roasted under the leadership of the owner Cumhur Kılıç and served by successful baristas. With a very extensive coffee menu, the venue is also a favorite for a practical breakfast.

Norm, Cihangir

Norm, one of Cihangir’s favorite coffee houses, is a small and sympathetic place that has made its difference since the first day it was opened. With Scandinavian minimal decor, it is inevitable to imagine yourself in Europe. You can enjoy delicious coffees and snacks prepared by successful baristas around the clock.

Federal Coffee Store

Federal has two branches: Galata and Topagaci, you can visit any one you like. Unlike other places on our list, you can try coffees that appeal to different tastes flavored with raw almonds, dark chocolate, jalapeno and spice flavored syrups.



Turkey, one of the award-winning chronotropic scorching, with branch offices opened in different places, coffee and mouth-watering without compromising quality continues to treat. The beans of the brand, which is one of our favorite places especially in Cold Brew, are carefully selected and roasted.

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