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Turkey, which official name is the Republic of Turkey, is located in Anatolia and Europe.

Turkey is surrounded by sea on three sides, separated by the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles consists of two peninsulas. These straits separate Anatolia from Europe. Turkey, the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, its extension parallel to the coast with tourists is a long been a favorite destination.


Turkey’s Aegean Sea, Mediterranean, Black Sea and has four landlocked as the Sea of Marmara. The country, which has different geographical and climatic characteristics, has numerous natural beauties. Different cultures shaped by the influence of Anatolia, Turkey has provided to be extremely rich cultural heritage.

Where is Turkey?

Turkey, northwestern Bulgaria, Greece in the west, Georgia to the northeast, east, Armenia, Iran and Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan is connected, in the southeastern borders with Iraq and Syria.

The Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west and the Black Sea to the north. Its capital is Ankara.

Spoken Languages in Turkey

The official language of Turkey is Turkish. The entire population speaks Turkish. In addition, different languages such as Laz and Kurdish are spoken by region. The Georgian, Armenian and Circassian population living in the country also speaks these languages. The most common foreign language in the country is English.


Religion and belief in Turkey

Turkey is a secular state, so there is no official religion in the country. There are laws in the Republic of Turkey on the matter of freedom of religion and belief. 92 percent of the country’s population is the Muslim. This is followed by the Christian and Jewish population.

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